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The Everyday Philosopher

Philosophy for everyone by everyone

We believe there is a philosopher within each of us.

Each of us takes part in the human experience, and we all have something to share. Our questions aim to bring out the essence of people's stories; the insights and ideas that we don’t usually talk about in our everyday conversations. While doing so, we find out that we are not so different after all. 

THE EVERYDAY PHILOSOPHER is a project of the Chicago branch of the New Acropolis School of Philosophy as a way of life.

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Alex Vasquez - Life is a Gift

What is philosophy for you? For me, philosophy has always been about being open to other belief systems and other people's ideas, and...

Willette Benford - Restorative Justice

There were many things I encountered, going the wrong way, getting caught up in all kinds of things. I was existing, but I was not living.

Jeanine Ntihirageza - Ubuntu and Humanness

That’s why knowledge is not enough, your heart and head have to be together for us to survive this.. We have to have humanity in our hearts.

Chido Munjanganja

Showing kindness and compassion I think are my very core. I try to do everything with that in mind. Even if I am upset...

Diana and Rob Sealtiel

You have to ask yourself Who Am I? Why am I so angry? The moment you give that a place, that is the moment you are able to change.

Marco Benassi

I’m not giving them anything they don’t have, but just recognize that who they are is who they are at their best, that’s who they really are

Mary Peña

A person that endures, in spite of everything he/she has given all for his/hers ideal life...

Lisa Jablon Fowler

...I wish everybody would know. I wish we all could remember all the time. You are enough...

Sebastian Morales

... everything we do is going to impact us... ... and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t make those mistakes in the past.

Tim Clue

"We teach what we most need to learn." "Don’t worry about what you’re going to be to make money, worry about your being. "

Kira Silverstein

... the more I say “yes” to the things that feel in alignment (to who I am), the more I'm able to feel that sense of goodness.

Geri Greenberg

I think it starts in the smaller realm; you do it in your home, in your classes, in your work...

Miriam Serna

As humans, we need to bring back more curiosity, the need to explore and to truly connect to people.

David De La Torre

Having a goal, something you’re headed towards, instead of just living.

Jeff Zaluda

"What makes you feel good is seeing the impact you had in life on others to make their existence more positive."

Adam Alderson

All you need to do is to have quality relationships with people... just take responsibilities other people aren't willing to take.

Peter Holstein

Peter and I met at the “Hometown” Coffee and Juice in Glencoe for a coffee and a conversation. Tell me a little bit about yourself. I...

Javier Rueda

I’m originally from Ecuador, from the capital, Quito, I lived there for 21 years, and moved here to the US for school. Even though I was...

About This Blog

Inspired by the work of Chicago writer and broadcaster, Studs Terkel, by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, and above all the Master of Dialogues, Socrates, we speak with those so-called “strangers” that are around us every day, and discover that each has their own pearl of wisdom to share. Our questions aim to bring out the essence of their stories; the teachings and ideas that we don’t usually discuss in our everyday conversations.
With this, we aim to show that Philosophy is not just an intellectual exercise, but an approach to life, a Love of Wisdom that is part of every human being’s journey. A Philosophy by the people and for the people.
THE EVERYDAY PHILOSOPHER is a project of the Chicago branch of the New Acropolis international school of Philosophy as a way of life.

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